Friday, 23 October 2009

Helping the economy and buying your christmas presents and food at the same time.

I have been listening to the news with interest the last couple of days.

Yesterday we were being told that today we were out of the recession, today it turns out in actual fact we are more in it then ever.

Well this got me thinking that if we all made a small effort then we can all help to turn it around a little.

If we all considered our purchases a little more than I believe this could have an effect.

If for Christmas people tried to buy British and also handmade then this would help the economy. For every time that is sold that person has to buy something which in turn means the wholesaler has to buy something and the manufacturer has to make something.

Take me for instance, on the whole I make cards, the card that I buy is milled in the Lake District, so the more cards I sell, the more paper they have to produce.

Another great way is to buy British meat, fruit and vegetables and I mean from out markets and farm shops. I the same as everyone else usually buy from out loval supermarket. However, my nan took to me to the market a few months ago and I have now changed my buying habits. The meat was not only cheaper but you could buy the size that you wanted so saved money and waste, but the meat was so much fresher and nicer and was not filled with water and preservatives.

Again with fruit and veg. I buy from the market what I actually need and want and again it is cheaper but the produce is grown locally and so helping our economy.

So why not over the next few weeks think just for a second what you are buying and if there is a better alternative.

Why not buy handmade christmas presents, which are often not only better quality then mass produced but you will often be surprised to see it is cheaper.

Check out

I think you may be pleasantly surprised.